Thursday, 26 September 2013

For every Child Their Is Great Possibility To Transformation Of An Entire Generation.
We surround our own children with the aim of aligning them to be what we want them to be. Its  true that most of Us have the right intentions thats if they do align with God's Plans. We can agree that God at the end of the turns a dedicated life to him into what he so desires for the greater good of his people.

The relationship you have with the those in your care vary | you could be parent,sister, brother, relative, guardian, grandparent or friend. We cant dispute that you can be a mentor, some one that inspires. YOU are a mentor and inspire-(rer) 
Many of the children and youth in our areas of operations are vulnerable, orphaned and isolated while others live with various disabilities.The war in the north did leave several orphaned and so has HIV/AIDS in all regions. Young girls are married off because of failure to see them through primary school. for those that have Parents, their parents are not sensitized and lack futuristic motive, facilities and support and this leaves them indulging in outdated African cultural practices. 

Jesus Is The Answer For The World Today AND YOU are an agent and a vessel through which Jesus can meet many. YOU can be APART today when you choose to VISIT A  CHILD and help change their sphere of influence. creating a relationship as you preach the gospel of Christ practically to them in their villages and sharing stories of each others lives through our activities.