Sunday, 6 April 2014

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Meiachiku Village: It is one of the remote villages in northern Uganda close to the south Sudanese border where mtoto w'afrika operates. The word itself means a "Peaceful Home". Its people have welcomed us in their lives with immense hospitality if such exists. We are blessed that God has included a great family to us and one to serve him with. If we all know our great commission in life then our time is clearly well spent in the days of our lives
On our first survey trip we lost hope and were packing to leave.
Well that could be the close to an end of the story but where does the story begin from?
LIFE MINISTRY :  Its the calling placed on our founders hearts to serve the lord in the remote locations of Africa that are in isolation.We focus and impact lives of the Orphaned, Vulnerable children, Children With disability ,those isolated, Youth and Women. We believe if we raise children as leaders to reign in Christ along with impartation of life sustainable skills then Our Faithful farther in heaven is surely judge to what wonders can help through his works in these people and villages. 
We look to the villages enjoying at-least a portion of  of what the folks in the urban enjoy and at the same time bringing development entirely to these villages. They are neglected and most of the villagers themselves look to relocate to a city rather than stay.In a popular dialect among Ugandans  "Luganda" they are referred to as "EBYAALO"
When you find a life purpose you find the greatest road of success in life. Mtoto W'afrika purposes to practically preach the uncompromising gospel of our lord Jesus Christ in all its endeavors.

CHALLENGES: they are every where as we impact lives through sharing Christ's love in all practical ways to these people who lack entirely a lot. Who Will Go? | WhoWill You Send Lord.We all have comfort zones we don't want to let go and that's how the story begins. 
WHAT HAPPENED: Do you know the things you love most in your life? Do you have things you can't do without? Are they activities, toys, lifestyle, belongings, Is it your Bible? Iam sure you have them right now but you don't even realize you have them right now. Well if we took them away for a second how would you react without your conscience knowing that they are gone for a second? How about for some days? Ha...ha..ha.. Honestly you have to experience it to know it that's an answer we can all agree to.
The Least we forget on our travels is the BIBLE. Well in this case we forgot our Bibles home as we headed out and You Can probably be wondering what sort of preachers we were?
WE NEEDED OUR BIBLES: Period!!..We needed them and we couldn't have them, so went on a bible hunt in the village where we camped. From our small hut to the next hut. Asked around Hut to hut but no bible!!. Well it wasn't only the bible that we lacked.
We did choke out because of limited access to the resources we had in our comfort zones too.
We are glad that God Is Using The Village Leaders We Meet in full cooperation.
Please do Reach Us to Be Apart of Christ's Unveiling Works in these "EBYAALO"

Raise A Child | Raise A Leader |Reign In Christ
One Community Raising Another | Each Village Reaching Out