About Mtoto w’afrika

Mtoto w’afrika child care ministries is a Christian Not-For-Profit community centered organization that aims to reach out to the deep rural villages in Africa, to impact lives of Orphaned - Vulnerable Children, Children-With-Disabilities in all life aspects: Raising leaders, Transforming cultures through Christ, Growing villages to realize there sustainable potential spiritually - economically - socially,and Also see that African youth seek African pursuits to develop their deep African villages.

VISION:  Raise resilient, resourceful community based Godly leaders for Africa’s tomorrow today

MISSION:   Restoring hopes, inspiring talents and grooming the vulnerable, disabled and isolated African child while we offer support through bringing resources closer to community reach


Christ Culture
We believe Christ who is the hope of life can transform all complex environments into breeding grounds of miraculous expectations to any life
We believe that habits, behaviors imparted can be essence to molding a leader of positive influence, integrity and self-control.
We believe that the seed that you plant doesn't live your life at all but multiplys in your future.
Commitment & Consistency
We believe in a fulfilling, in and out of season mentally strong mindset towards uprightness and excelling reconcilable morals.
Equality& Development
We believe that to create a resilient, self-reliant Mtoto w’afrika leader there is need for even opportunity meeting preparedness to birth the dreams unseen in all regions.

Founded by two formerly vulnerable children  Mtoto w’afrika child care ministries is established and grounded in Christian standards  so as to raise a child who will be a great leader reigning in Christ .
Mtoto w’afrika has faith  in developing rural areas allover Africa. We seek to partner with people all-over the globe so as to indulge and change the lives of Africans at large. Through the vsion and mission, we focuss on discipleship of a new breed of selfless generational leaders.
our declaration
                                                        Raise A Child | Raise A Leader | Reign In Christ                                                         One Community Raising Another | Each Village Reaching Out

________________“African Joy Is Surely A Beautiful African Day In Christ” __________________